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Who are we

The site Discovering came into being as the result of a heartfelt wish to share my experiences of thirty seven years traveling the world. I would also like to exchange first hand information with other travelers who feel, as I do, that this exchange and sharing of experiences can help us as we embark on the adventure of future travels.

The desire to travel has always been part of my nature – to know the four corners of the earth and communicate with my fellowmen – to explore and discover, an unrelinquished dream.

From left to right: Pilar, Martin, Silvia and Raul

Being a tennis player has always opened doors and made achieving my dreams that much easier. Traveling, as most tennis players do, is a philosophy of life. When we travel we become more receptive and feel able to participate in this ever more globalized world. On most occasions I have traveled with my wife Silvia, on others I have traveled alone, with my children or with friends. I can say that I have traveled the world, crossed frontiers and countries by plane, car, bus and even hitch-hiking. In spite of never having actually backpacked, I feel and approach my travels very much with the backpacker spirit. At the beginning, the fact of not speaking other languages was really tricky but gradually my French and English improved. I of course spoke Spanish having grown up on the frontier with Argentina where I had also spent my university years and met my wife. I have learned a lot about the countries I’ve visited by chatting to waiters, taxi drivers or hotel porters but principally from sharing experiences with other adventurers who travel this wide world.

My travels began on my honeymoon in Acapulco. Living among these very hospitable, happy people and their ancient culture, enthralled me and I became from then on a compulsive traveler.

Since then I have journeyed round the Americas and Caribbean islands and explored the Scandinavian countries of Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark. I have also toured Central Europe. But, it was in London and Paris where I enjoyed unforgettable moments not only because of the charm of these cities, but for the great attraction of the Wimbledon and Roland Garros tennis tournament. I have also ventured into Africa. But, of all that I have seen, three things changed the objective of my future roamings. These were: the contact with nature on a safari to South Africa; the feeling of awe awakened by seeing the ruins of the Maya civilization at Chichen – Itza and the aura of mystery surrounding Cuzco and Machu-Pichu.

My travels have been a rich experience and have provided many lessons in life none of which I regret for a moment. If I had the opportunity to live again I wouldn’t think twice. I would be a backpacker and globetrotter.

As I understand it, travel is an option we have, a possibility and not indispensable for a good life. However, I am certain that if we were to travel more there would be more solidarity among the peoples of this world, less racism and fewer wars. We would live in harmony.

My son, Martin, and I have several adventure travel projects which we want to share with you. If our experiences should awaken the joy of travelling in anyone surfing the internet our mission will have been accomplished. Come travel with us!

Raul Antonio Fagundes Valls – Paediatrician, tennis player, traveller and sports events director – created and carried out the Professional Tennis Players Tournament in his city – Uruguaiana, RS Brazil – the “Três Fronteiras Open” tournament (Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil) 8 editions and the Juniors tournament (Copa Mercosul – 3 editions).